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What We Do
If you need to raise awareness, improve your conversions, or just step up your marketing game we have the tools for you! With over 20 years of broadcast experience, we understand the power of video and know just what to do to turn your project into the media sensation you'd like it to be.

Vega Media Studios is your one-stop shop for video production services and support at Salt lake City. Our world class facility and video production team specialize in making your vision a reality. Whether you want to rent the space, or a full crew with video, audio, and even editing we can handle every project, no matter bow big or small. 

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Our Clients
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Our Services
We do media production from soup to nuts. You need space? We've got it! Production support? Absolutely! Editing — just ask. You'd like us to do the creative, scripting, planning and shooting? Then let's get started! We can provide just supplementary help or the full meal deal. Just let us know how we can help!
  • Art direction and creative
  •  Videography and direction
  •  Digital marketing & distribution
  •  Video streaming
  •  3D modeling
  •  TV broadcasting
  •  Photo shoots
  •  YouTube videos
  • World class production space
  •  Lighting
  •  Cameras
  •  Hair & makeup
  •  Conference room
  •  Audio booth
  •  Editing services
  •  VIP Suite
  •  16ft. ground-level garage door
  •  Tons of parking
  •  5 min. from SLC Intl Airport
  • Tables & chairs for 100 people
  •  Release parties
  •  Afterparties 
  •  Receptions
  •  Concerts
  •  Fashion shows
  •  Photo shoots
Our Space
Come on in! Make yourself comfortable. Grab a soda and sit in the massage chair. Studio V is designed to make your job as easy and comfortable as possible. Our world-class facility has a multitude of amenities that will make your shoot productive and your crew feel at home. Our space is perfect for TV commercials, web videos, YouTube, special FX, corporate training and just about anything you can envision. Click through the images to see how our space could work for you.
Our Packages
At Studio V, we pride ourselves in focusing on the customer's needs before all else. Our video production packages are designed to give you just the right level of service to meet your individual requirements and budget. 
Studio Rental
You've got your script, crew, lights and cameras. Now you just need the ideal place to make your vision a reality. Studio is here to help. We'll do everything we can to make your crew comfortable and your shoot successful. 

We offer reasonable full and half day rates and with our proximity to Redman and MPL, we can get you all the equipment you need. 

Half Day: $800
Full Day: $1,500

We also offer additional services (a la carte charges) to provide professional lighting, cameras and crew.

Is your budget tight? We totally get it. Rates are negotiable depending on the project and scope. Call us for a quote.

Why We're Different
At Studio V we realize that its not about us, its ALL about you. Your vision, your objectives, your customers. Your way or the highway. We'll meet you whenever you are in the production process and carry your project to completion. And we never double-book our facility. When you hire us, you get the whole shebang.

That's why so many of Utah's top creative and production companies work with us. From Harmon Bros to Cosmic Pictures and Siegfried & Jensen, our customers know that they can expect the very best from Studio V. We are one of the best video production service in salt lake city
What Our Clients Are Saying...

Studio V is wonderful. When it comes to accommodating, they will bend over backwards to make your sure your project comes out superb.

- Ryan Frew, Writer-Director-Cinematographer, Red Rider Creative

"The facility is awesome and shoot is going really well!"

- Theron Harmon, Harmon Bros.

"Loved the studio and had a lot of fun! It's awesome to be able to set up multiple sets. We're very excited!"

- Jason Burrows, CMO, Squatty Potty

"Studio V is a professional, very well though out space to produce anything needing a 180° green screen cove and white cove "cyc's" with great access, amenities and you'll be able to do so in style here."

- Paul Green, Mainstay Productions

"Amazing place and extraordinary teamwork, highly recommend!!"

- Diana Corin Martinez, Ad-Media Solutions

"WHAT A GREAT SPACE! From the size, to the layout, to the price point, it was just perfect! I feel like I shouldn't be posting such nice things though, cause as word gets out about this space, and the folks that work there, I'm afraid availability might become scarce."

- Rob Thatcher

"This place is amazing! All in one. Film, photo, production, live, sound along with a salon, acoustic correct sound room, hive workspace, 2 of the biggest cycloramas in Utah. All in one facility Your next project needs to be shot here."

- Kristopherson Sloan

This place has room for just about anything in one imagination…The space was perfect, the decoration of the interior was professional … It's is a high quality classy place. I give it 5 stars

- Shelby Leamaster Goodman
About Us
Studio V  is a state of the art Film, Video, Audio and Photography production studio residing in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. 
We are one of the best Video Production, green screen, TV commercials, media promotion and film production company in salt lake city and park city.

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47 S Orange Street,
Building A Suite 1
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84116
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